How are our faces while we sleep?
Maryam Ashakanian, a talented Iranian artist, answered this question with her “Sleeping Series” collection. 

Born in 1988, Iranian, graduated at Bandar Anzali Plastic Art School, she creates sculptures in textiles and resin.

Since she was a child, she has been fascinated by the world of textiles, learning the ancient techniques of Iranian tailoring and studying the innovation in the fabrics production.

Maryam Ashakanian before giving life to her concept of the art that embraces the knowledges acquired on textiles, started with the oil painting.
When this technique stops to satisfy her creativity, she built her own vision of the world through the conceptual flexibility of textiles.

The infinity possibilities offered by the textiles, gave Maryam Ashakanian the opportunity to explore new experimentation techniques, focusing on a new abstract and expressionist concept of the art.

Her work goes through different phases: from the preparatory sketch to the research of fabrics, especially ancient ones; to the collage of the different parts that creates the piece of art.

With the Sleeping Series collection, Maryam Ashkanian entrapped the world of dreams and subconscious sewing the dreamers’ faces, surprised in their inner expressions during the night, on soft pillows.

Maryam Ashakanian is very popular on the web: Tumblr gave her a social success.
Moreover, her innovative art has been consecrated at the Pedrami Art Gallery, which exposed her Sleeping Series.


Photo credits/Janet Rady Fine Art