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by Chiara Senatore

        The Fashion Atlas Agency

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        by Chiara Senatore

            The Fashion Atlas. It’s more than just a name. It’s a concept.
            It’s the Fashion World map, that leads you to anything that is cool, new and not yet seen.

            Young talents, Trends Research, News from the Continents, Events, Fashion Photography and Styling: this the heart of the Atlas that we outline in our everyday work, by constantly inspiring our passionate readers and clients and providing them with professional solutions and services that decisively boost conversations, collections, businesses.

            Excellence  and  intuition  are the key ingredients that Chiara, creator, founder and leading player of the project, have put into the researches that  define our Atlas.

            A network of experts able to inspire, design, revolutionize projects and lead them to succeed in the Fashion World.
            This is the expertise that Chiara, together with her colleagues and  friends from all over the world,  makes available for you.


            It’s the part of the Atlas dedicated to the most remarkable talents on the international fashion stage.
            The mapping of the most exclusive things you can find around the world.
            A very timely, always updated and precise presentation of the world that all the fashion designers define with their job, starting with their concepts and backgrounds reaching the development and presentation of their collections.

            A real opportunity: starting from visibility to  the sale of our designer’s collections.
            That’s what The Fashion Atlas is: a portal that gives you knowledge but also a store where you can make our fashion designer’s accessories and garments yours.
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            Fashion Photography: one of the most fascinating fields we explore.
            Photographers from all over the world reinterpret  colours according to their point of view.
            Blue, Red, Black styles through editorials, ads and photo shoots.

            To take part into this project is really easy.
            Send your photo shoots regarding the Colour Of The Month at
            You can be rewarded with the following opportunities:
            – publication on
            – sale of the photo shoots in fine art printing with a percentage profit per every photo that gets sold.
            – a ticket to access Chromie – Colorimetria by The Fashion Atlas, our annual exhibition
            – a space on the official exhibition catalogue.


            This section is dedicated to GJ-THE FASHION ATLAS favorite stores.

            A trip around the world hunting top stores that are considered unique for their style, trends and innovative brands.

            We show our selection of trendy stores we find in the city we visit; a map dedicated to shopping tips or just to discover something altervative, to note down.

            In this section you will find also projects we will realize with our favorite stores.
            Stay Tuned!


            Inspiration. GlamJam – The Fashion Atlas main target.
            We travel the world and collect everything from the places we visit: faces, colours, shapes, textures, stories, design,  fragrances, sensations.
            We give creative people, companies  and designers the chance to live experiences connected to those places as if they had really been there.

            Every 6 months a country will be presented in a book filled with  stories, sketches, notes, shoots, videos and whatever else is necessary to make your experience complete.

            You will find all our books on our store at


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            by Chiara Senatore

                  The Fashion Atlas Agency

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                  by Chiara Senatore