Possible Tomorrows is the latest project made by fashion designer Ying Gao.
The designer and researcher Ying Gao continues to revolutionize the connection between clothes and technology: her collection “Possible Tommorows” consisting of two robotized garments. The pieces are connected to a fingerprint recognition system that reacts in the presence of a stranger.

The geometrical movements are inspired by the vintage game spirograph; a poetic aesthetic developed from a series of algorithms linked to the realm of pattern recognition.

The garments of “Possible Tomorrows” are made by nylon mesh, nylon thread, PVDF thread, thermoplastic, and electronic devices: technological materials with which Ying Gao analyzed the social aspect of the dress, seen as a protective barrier.

The designer technologically contemporary fashion looks to the future, by building a new concept of interaction between human beings. This collection breaks down relational barriers that security, political priority of our contemporary history, has built. Be safe often stops us in order to open up to strangers: Ying Gao debunks this bias to aim to unconventional idea of security and interaction.

Ying Gao // Possible Tomorrows