“…Their skin, at first mute, smooth and insipid
Now has regular steps
Bringing to their peak!
Running through them with fingers and mouth
Seeing them so in relief
Like the steps of a temple
Is a pleasure enhancing desire and love…”

The inspiration for the new Spring-Summer 2016 collection by Sylvio Giardina comes from an ancient Bantu love song.
Skin as the expression of cultural identities: from the great decorations of African women, who draw on their body indelible signs to enhance their sensuality, to the contemporaneity of Ariana Page Russell, an artist who uses her skin’s hypersensitivity as a canvas on which tracing emotions.

Fabrics, grazed by scratches and concentric circles, turn into stylistic language while great decorations shape up the body, creating new lines and reversing the body scheme traditionally conjured up by garments. The collection features different approaches and transformations of the body.

The dress is conceived as an artistic/architectonic support: when, a thorough technical study of shapes and volumes, together with material experimentation, bring forth unique “sculpture dresses”.
The Italian “handmade” sartorial tradition and the use of new technologies are the brand’s distinguishing cornerstones.

Photo/Tania Alineri
Model/Beatrice Brusco @Elite
Hair/Make-Up/Serena Congiu