Argentina, Arab Emirates and Netherlands are some of the countries which are enriched our fashion atlas. After travelling all over the world for many weeks, let’s go back to Italy, to meet again our friend the italian designer Sylvio Giardina.

After having been dazzled by the brightness of the white in White Noise read here the article –  for the SS2015 season, Sylvio Giardina designs and colours the FW2015/2016 season with his Black Mirror collection. For this new season, he shows a collection in which shapes and fabrics blend and colours sway. A creative work, a result of a real artistic inspiration.

Black Mirror is the result of the great Sylvio Giardina’s idea to adapt the optic effect of the Claude glass on textiles (velvet, foam plastic leather, scuba, jersey, lace, tulle and net). A Claude glass is able to abstract the subject reflected in it from its surrounding, giving us an image similar to a painting of Claude Lorrain. The new process starts from this image, Sylvio Giardina creates dark clothes lighted by lucid fabrics and mirroring and vibrant optic effects. Brown, mustard yellow, navy blue, hazel, burgundy, camel and black hues dominate Black Mirror, a collection which is in love with pure and geometric shapes.

This new collection shows a professional growth of this italian designer, who gives us a more complete collection. Effectively Black Mirror is also a mini accessories collection made of mirroring black plexiglas earrings and tortoiseshell necklaces. These accessories have a double role, they are not simple accessories but real fashion objects which complete the dress.

Why do we love him? Sylvio Giardina is a young italian designer, he is very innovative, able to put himself on the line season after season.