Is it possible to go into the famous French maison Dior directly from the main entrance?
Yes, It is. At least for all the Haute Couture lovers.
Finally the 3rd of June 2015 in many Italian cinemas the dream came true.
A lot of women who have grown up dreaming the great creations of Monsieur Dior and young ladies who have always drawn on school desks instead of taking notes, have been able to look around the parisian office’s corridors of this famous maison.
Thanks to the documentary “Dior and I” many Dior Lovers have met and seen all the people who are part of this huge company. Dior is like a sophisticated necklace made of the most valuable stones and each member of Dior team adds a precious gem to it every day.

The documentary has been directed by Frédéric Tcheng who has directed another movie dedicated to a great fashion woman “Diana Vreeland – L’imperatrice della moda”. But this time he gives us a challenge, a real challenge that Raf Simons faced in 2012, when he was appointed new creative director at Dior (fashion house which has created the real Haute Couture.) It was a frightful timing for the Belgian fashion designer who has created a fairy tale in just 8 weeks thanks to his visionary intuition. All the characters and the clothes shined in their own light. From the choice of textiles to the selection of prints. Raf Simons has a great ability, he is able to revive the noble image of a french woman of the ’40s with a modern point of view towards a futuristic binomial of elegance and pragmatism.

A collection which represents a conceptual ecstasy thanks to the emotional affinity of a prince toward a king who has governed for ten years. He has given his rein and his foreign lands an authentic and necessary revolution in women ‘s clothing. As in an harmonious hug, two people, two sensitive souls move their horizons to new spaces. In these spaces, the woman can express herself, daughter of those two personalities.

The documentary, through the soft shadowing of the creative Raf Simons, grabs each moment, from the official presentation in the atelier, to the tears of joy and fear before the beginning of the waited fashion show. This documentary is so real that it brings people to read all the end credits as an act of recognition and devotion and to lose themselves in the seductive fragrance of true beauty.