Backcombed hair, dresses with polka dots, wider and wider skirts and a lot of grease: the Fifties bewitched Senigallia (AN), that turns back in time for a week and becomes a perfect American city with thousands of tourists for the 17th edition of the Summer Jamboree festival.

This year the festival took place from 30th of July to the 7th of August, with a rocking program: 39 Rock’n’Roll, Swing, Rhythm’n’Blues, Rockabilly, Country e Doo Wop concerts, 6 stages, 12 locations, lots of events and great hosts. Not to mention the transformation of the city and its population: women with perfect backcombed hairstyles like the most beautiful Fifties divas, men who start to wear braces and use grease instead of hair gel, girls who enjoy choosing the most fabulous dress walk along the city with a great naturalness. It’s like having a continue competition between all the ladies: who wears the most eye-catching and colorful accessory? Beautiful red flakes with white polka dots in the hair, red lipsticks, elaborated dresses with petticoat, bustier and so on: the atmosphere you live in Senigallia during the Summer Jamboree is unique and unrepeatable.

But the event that young people wait with urgency every year is the BIG HAWAIIAN PARTY, which took place on Wednesday, the 3rd of August. The singer Edoardo Bennato in a R’n’R Session created spacially for the Summer Jamboree, The Jolly Rockers’ & Max Paiella, Steve Mai Tai and The Good Vibes, The Uppertones were the extraordinary main characters who performed on the famous stage set on the Adriatic sea seaside, where more than 30thaousands people had fun all night long. Obviously, wearing a Hawaiian necklace.

Photos// Guido Calamosca / Marco Matteucci / Matteo Crescentini / Anna Pierobon / Diego Feltrin / Marco Carloni / Giuseppe Reggiani / Simone Luchetti