We have interviewed young French sneaker artist Clémence Chasselon who customizes sneakers soles with dry flowers and leaves.

An interesting interview that let us understand how starting from simple elements you can create really original artwork and design objects.  

Her “artist soles” are considered real sneakerhead collection objects with which you can customize your sneaker room.

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Can you tell us something about you, your passions, studies?

I am Clémence, a 23 years old French artist who likes to play with sneakers and flowers.

I own my creative studio where I create decorative pieces and goodies such as keychain.

I’ve studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in my home town, Marseille, but I felt like my work wasn’t appreciated and I couldn’t properly express my creativity and grow in the direction I wanted to, so I left, changed my plan and started my own business.

Your artwork is incredible. How you started to customize the sneakers soles?
I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different materials.  When I moved in my first apartment, I tried different ways of decorating my walls with sneaker art, I started to hang real soles on my wall and then I thought: why not try to mold them and create different pieces to get a bit more creative

 What inspires you in your work?

It may sounds cliché but EVERYTHING can inspire me, Instagram is a huge part of my daily inspo, I love seeing beautiful pictures from everywhere around the world, great design and creative stuff.

Why flowers?
Plants and flowers have always been an inspiration.
Flowers are the very expensive gift in nature. They have attracted everyone with beauty, shape, fragrance, colors.  Without flowers, plants would merely be green, and the world would be a duller place. I learned how to dry them, press them to make sure to keep their beauty forever.


Do you customize every brand or do you have a favorite one?

Because I’m a swoosh girl for sure, Nike is my favorite sneaker brand. I do love the logo, the history behind them etc.

So for now I want to keep my work focus on Nike.


And so your favorite customized sneaker?

Air Jordan 1 are my favorite sneakers sole to customize they are the best canvas, flat wide and a lot of details with a big nike logo in the center.


How long do you take to create a sole? Can you tell us something about the process?

My pieces are made with love, it takes time but it worth it, 2-3 days. First I need to choose the flowers, dry and press them for a few days and finally I can create the sole art with resin.

Each creations is unique so it depends of my mood and the season.


Who buys your art? 

Mostly sneakerhead who wants a special piece to decorate their sneaker room.


Do you have any other projects? Can you tell us something about your future project?

In the next months my products are gonna be distributed in new shops in France.

I’m gonna participate to 2 sneaker conventions in France.

Also I’m working on a cool new thing with Girl on Kicks – new projects with new friends!