The Round Sunglasses – Modello 406 – by Conservatoire International de Lunettes are our new Object of The Day.

Conservatoire International de Lunettes is a design studio based in Milan but it collaborates with many designers and  and researchers in Paris, London, Stockholm and New York. Its work references iconic figures from the past and its models take inspiration from various sources: passionate research, photographs, vintage publicity and films.

Tradition, contemporaneity, craftsmanship and innovation are skillfully combined to give life to a unique product which wants to “rewrite” a catalogue of rediscovered, lost glasses with memories of beautiful, often forgotten shapes.

We like the Modello 406 because of the mix of materials and rounded shapes that makes these sunglasses contemporary and inspired to the ’60s at the same time.

High quality styles and shapes from the 1930s to the 1980s which give life to “handcrafted” products of the past.

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