Contemporary. Colored. “Prehistoric”Jewels.

These are the adjective that we think looking at collections of American jewelry designer Nikki Couppee.

We love the earrings selected as object of the day for the mix of materials and for the combination of colors, such as yellow, emerald green and fuchsia, but what makes us desire these accessories is the pop-tropical style, that probably  is part of the background of the designer who grew on the beaches of Florida in the ’90s, mixed with a design that we defined “prehistoric”.

Nikki Couppee accessories remind us of ancient jewels, which were handmade like her creations.

The designer uses everyday materials like plexiglass, brass, and found objects in place of precious gems and metals she intuitively creates her own versions of gemstones, hand cast and faceted in luminescent plastics.

The selected earrings are part of the series Hologems, in which Nikki Couppee combines holographic and synthetic materials with resins, creating fantastical frozen corsage brooches, lustrous, glow-in-the-dark gems, and collaged ornaments that are at once over-the-top and elegant.

We are in love with this unique prehistoric-contemporary style!

Discover more on Nikki Couppee website.