Extraordinary chic: always. Even on the beach.
That’s the keyword for this summer. The trends swimwear 2015 show us a sophisticated and simple woman.

We challenge any woman to be confident wearing a swimsuit. We are women and in our DNA we have only one thing: we are able to notice all the minimal details. In fact when we wear our swimsuit, we are able to see even the smallest imperfection, that invisible stretch mark on our body.

Swimsuit doesn’t mean to be naked. Actually it means to be elegant with the essential. Say no to thing bikinis – dental floss bikinis – this summer. Say no to heels and wedge heels. No to make-up – only waterproof mascara. Forgot maxi earrings. We can wear a one-piece swimsuit only if on the ID, under specific marks, the employee has written: charming woman in her disposition. Bracelets and big straw hats are allowed freely. While we dream the smell of the sea, the salt in our hair, an hammock on a white beach, golden tan and amazing sunset walking on the sea shore, we have chosen fifteen fabulous swim wears for this summer. We hope it never ends.

Pin-up shapes inspired by the 50’s with high waist bikini pants such as Mara HoffmanSea FollyAgua de CocoWildfox or Aleja Radi. All of them give us the idea of a Hollywood celebrity spending her holiday in Capri.

Patterns go from the nostalgic 70’s, to the geometrical compositions of Rachel Comey, to tropical glam such as Stella Jean and We Are Handsome or Helis Brain who wants colors and free patterns.

Carolina Herrera transforms the swimsuit into a real picture to admire and to wear perfectly. Marysia collection is playful and chic, characterized by scalloped edges swimsuits.

It is Zimmermann who rocks the swimsuit: made with tulle, lace and polka dots. The swimsuit becomes precious. Crochet is the protagonist of Australian brand She Made Mewhich makes real beautiful pieces. Triangl matches the crochet with bright colored neoprene.

Bikini or one-piece swimsuit, whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing, especially on the beach, is to be chic and glamour.