Summer is Tropical Fruit!. The sea breeze that cuddles an ethereal face on the Atlantic coast is the cooler image of our imagination. A breeze carries the scent of fruit, which taste our shining eyes. Always anchored tosociety, men reflect a desire for a lost paradise in their physicality, in their appearance, in their form.

Back to Stella McCartney has already proposed in 2011 with a collection of tropical prints and patterns, bright colors of oranges on linear clothes’ white bottoms ; Nicole Miller for summer 2015,  was inspired by Brazil, supreme tropical land, too.

Tropical fruit invade clothes, shoes, bags, shirts, skirts, pants, bikini: everything is made with a tropical flair.
Pineapple, watermelon, apricots, kiwi, peaches are in all occasions!
Don’t miss embroideries, prints, patterns, allwoven in summer colors and fruit designs!
We report summer’s exotic must-have. Don’t miss them!