We speak with young and emerging designer Holly Pendlebury, who showed her collection at Graduate Fashion Week 2015.

“In The Moment” is the collection created by Holly Pendlebury.
It is a womenswear collection thought for skiing and for women who loves mountains.

What about your collection – inspirations, materials, silhouettes?
My main inspirations was that feeling you get whilst you are skiing, this directly linked to a quote by Andreas Fransson:

“So here I am again in this game with the mountains, could you get the thrill of your life and feel truly alive if you knew they were perfectly safe, would your conscience be completely in the moment if you didn’t know this was serious business, would it be a game worth playing at all if the outcome was certain.”

I looked into microscopic images of velcro and drained energy and manipulated this to create my print.
Developing on from the idea that adrenalin is a pain relief, I looked into protective clothing. This then developed into me exploring the idea of light and reflection, which resulted in my main fabrics being reflective or iridescent. I also have torches on all my zip pulleys to help enhance this element. All my sleeves are lined in fluorescent green so my jackets can be turned inside out if stranded when skiing off piste to help to be seen.
What about your experience at GFW and what do you expect?
I was lucky enough to be selected to exhibit my portfolio and my collection at GFW, along side this I worked on my university’s stand.
I have been to the past three graduate fashion weeks, and I felt by far this was the best, it might be down to all the excitement of showing there, but I felt the layout and organization this year was so much cleaner and it had a great atmosphere. It seemed to be a whirlwind of emotions from talking to industry and press on the stand, to seeing my work in the show to then finding out I had been picked to feature in a photo shoot with Disorder magazine and that I had been considered for the Gala show.
I was there for 5 days in total and it went in a blink of an eye. I kind of want to do it again.

Your future plans and what does it mean fashion for you?
In the future I would love to see myself getting a work placement or internship advancing my knowledge, hopefully in sportswear and something that may allow me to travel.

I really believe the more of the world we explore and the more life experience’s we gain the better as designers we become.