Young talent Berta Kenulyte from Birmingham City University created a collection using unusual materials, such as fishing line.

Transparency, non visible isolation, cage are the keywords of the collection showed by Berta Kenulyte at Graduate Fashion Week 2015.

What about your collection: inspirations, materials, silhouettes?

The inspiration for my collection was the feeling of loneliness and solitude. I believe as most of us, I fear of being alone or just with myself, so I’ve tried to look at loneliness from both negative and positive perspective: as something that isolates you and something that set your mind free.

As for the materials it all linked together. Materials, I would say were very simple but used in a different way. Fishing line was used to create the transparent panels on the knitwear that represents the invisible cage of loneliness while duvets helped me to create puffy exaggerated shapes that would hint a person seeking for moral comfort.


What about your experience at GFW and what do you expect?
Being a part of GFW was truly a unforgettable experience, it was a great honor to be selected and I enjoyed every minute of it.
It is such a wonderful celebration of all the creativity and hard work students and young designers.

Personally I think it significantly boosted my self esteem and motivation, and of course showcasing my work to such a wide audience is such an amazing opportunity.
I think I might sound a bit too excited, but I truly am.

Your future plans and what does it mean fashion for you?
As for my future, I want to start my career as soon as possible, get experience, new knowledge, especially in knitwear and just develop as a designer.
There is so much to learn, from both industry and yourself. MA course is also something I want to achieve in probably a few years time.For me fashion is just something I truly enjoy and probably going to keep enjoying it the near and far future.