English designers Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams, who we discovered few years ago in London, propose a line of eyeglasses with a sustainable design. Among the typically British grayness, here is the new shiny and colorful Termite Eyewear spring / summer 2016 collection.

The new season of the London duo was inspired by the passion for the space in the ’50s and’ 60s. Spherical and circular lines that characterize Termite Eyewear turn into “spatial” forms, thus giving life to intriguing glasses, with detailed squared features. Made with industrial and environmentally friendly materials –  read here  – the glasses by Natalie Finch and Patricia Williams are unique pieces, all rigorously handmade.

Why do we like them? In addition to their “futuristic” appearance, the glasses line Spaceface amazed us for their respect for the environment. Sustainable materials, cases made from recycled paper and lenses and frames made in England crown Termite Eyewear as a symbol of Made in the UK and testimonial of a new fashion style: the green style.

And thanks to these precise characteristics that Termite Eyewear has captured the attention of famous fashion people and it’s been selected from the known platform Vogue Talents.

Waiting to see Spaceface colors in the streets of the capital of the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, we leave you with images of the new summer collection 2016.