Our travel discovering the fashion designer Sylvio Giardina is going on. Creation after creation, he brings us in a world where fashion is synonymous of art.

Sylvio Giardina SS15 season lights our eyes with the brightness of white, protagonist of elegance in Sylvio Giardina’s dresses. These wonders seem to shout his desire to be counter trend, to reread classicism and reshape a new silhouette.

“White noise” includes all the audible frequencies and involves all the colors. Sylvio Giardina shows us a collection which is full of several textures. White is mixed to colored tripolina strings as in a strong symphony, he paints the dresses with unexpected shadows which underline the structure.

Luminescence of satin, lucidity of textiles, acid green and green water colors go with whiteness and they focus our attention on the filtered light through handmade openwork fabrics. These are created one by one, showing cutting edge shapes and highlighting continuous movement of his new collection with decorations that follow asymmetric cuts of flounces and which develop on various lengths.

With White Noise Sylvio Giardina shows us an innovative concept of white that gives life to a perpetual movement.