There are brands that we liked right away, at the first glance.
And 10bags Lapalombella is one of them.
During the latest edition of the White Trade Show we met the designer Marta Lapalombella that we already had met a few years ago – read here.

Astonished once again by the origami shaped bags of this young talent of Made in Italy, we asked Marta to introduce us to her latest great work, Riflesso, a delicate and gentle collection developed through the dual essence of the black and white contrast.

Tell us about your new collection.
My new collection is called Riflesso and the name’s choice is not random.
I named it Riflesso precisely for the capacity of some materials to reflect.

What inspired you?
I started with the origami’s technique.
In fact my bags, just like origami, have the ability to turn and transform to suit the occasion and why not, even our mood. Despite being big, the bags, called One of 10, Two of 10 and so on, are very light and can easily bend to enter a suitcase or turn into comfortable backpacks.

Origami are known to change form and function.
How can we define your creations, then?
My bags go beyond the concept of ‘bag container’. Thanks to their various transformations, they become a real accessory nor too feminine or too masculine. Let’s say they’re an unisex design, capable of reaching that joint point between men and a women.


What materials did you use to create the SS16?
One of the Ten is a mix of materials. For example I combined the leather with the shade, a material that is used in beekeeping. In other bags I mostly used leather instead.
My intention was to create a contrast between poor materials and the finest materials. That’s why my bags are made with innovative materials such as Reflex and materials reminiscent of my childhood, as the shade, from my father’s business.


Looking at the collection it seems that the white and the black dominate. What other colors have you used?
Surely the optical white and the shade’s black are dominant. But there are other colors too, such as blue, coral and gray.


Finally, if you could define Riflesso with three words, what would they be?
Functional, light and versatile.

Photography/Gaetano Giordano
Styling/Rocco Vernoia
Make Up & Hair Styling/Manuela Balducci
Model/Vlada Cox