In fashion, “hat” is much more than just a headgear. By many it is considered an accessory or even a distinctive trait. Different shaped and colored hat always says so much about the wearer. But above all hats say about those who create them. An Ilariusss hat is all that and much more.

Founded about two years ago from the creative mind of the Italian designer Ilaria Soncini, the brand Ilariusss is named after the designer nickname. Its collections fully reflect her passion for theater and fashion. Theatrical and glamorous hats, designed and hand finished by Ilaria Soncini, strike for their geometry and elegance.

The  2016 PE collection is characterized by the use of environmentally friendly materials such as paper textile, ecological suede and Alcantara. A fresh, ironic and elegant collection which allowed the designer Ilaria Soncini to be selected by the known Vogue Talents platform.
GJ-The Fashion Atlas interviewed her for the occasion.

What is for you Ilariusss?
Ilariusss is a world of joy and fun. Where structured and fun hats are contained in cheerful cake boxes.


What are the colors you use the most?
Now I use a lot of different colors but at the beginning I used predominantly black, ice gray and midnight blue. For the PE 2016 season I just felt the need to change that and give a touch of life to my creations.


Which piece of the new collection represents this fresh and ironic transformation of the brand?
The red heart, no doubt. For its shape and bright color.


What materials do you prefer to work with?
I enjoy working with felts. They are easier to manipulate and then they offer a wide choice of shapes and colors: longer, shorter, pink, colorful … For my hats sometimes I use the straw too, although I’m not so into it because it’s very difficult to work with and it is less versatile than the felt.


What inspired your work?
This is a difficult question. Actually everything inspires me. Inspiration can come when I watch TV or when I see the turn of a column. Once I was watching a documentary on the 80s and I was struck by a woman wearing a hat. And from her figure the inspiration for my hats came.


Plans for the future?
I would like to have a team of several people to work with and engage various projects. Create theatrical hats, hats for fashion houses and continue to dedicate myself to Ilariusss.