Fascinated by the artistic beauty of Sciumè SS2015read here –  The Fashion Atlas talks again of this interesting brand, exploring the geometry of the new SS2016 collection, Animae.

The new season is born from the tradition of Sicily and it shows the strong connection between the designer Valentina Sciumè and her homeland. The elements of the Sicilian tradition are precisely what distinguish and mark the line of jewelry and hats of Animae. The lava element, synonymous of destruction, represents the volcanic territory typical of Sicily and the birth and the starting point of the entire line of jewelry. The veil, typical of the local tradition, is here used as a decorative element that can enhance a poor material such as straw.

Special features of Sciumè bijoux is the uniqueness of its products. The use of natural stones, each with a different cut, makes it impossible to have two pieces that resemble each other within the same collection. Animae also stands out for its continuous search for experimentation, present in galvanic and gold jewelry. Common traits of the two lines are the black of the lava rock, originally gray, and the veil of the hats, and jewelry, which adds even more to the creations already full of detail and geometry.

Sciumè accessories are characterized by being made by hand and be made in Italy. But what really distinguishes your collections?
I always put myself in them. In Animae the theme is Sicily, while in others I wanted to represent my travels and what I studied about art in the world. Although my collections always have common elements, there is no continuity. Each collection is a collection in its own right.

What kind of material you prefer to work with?
Brass and resin are the materials I work with more. In Animae in fact I used the resin woven to have a glass effect and made earrings with it. But generally every season I try to work with new and very experimental materials. In the past I used marble, now lava and rock crystals.

Are there any colors you use the most?
It depends. I always do some research on the colors to use. In Animae you can see a clear game of combinations of warm and cold tones. The prevailing colors are black and gold, but there are also many other colors.

Is there a piece of Animae able to represent the whole collection?
Sure. The bracelet band with golden framework and that the large black stone above.

In three words, how would you define the collection?
Natural, conceptual and avant-garde.