Colors, modernity and a pinch of fantasy. Valentina Sciumè is the founder of Sciumè accessory brand. From 2012, in the creation of each of her models, she brings back again a nostalgic beauty with the standards of a modern pragmatism. She merges together the Italian handicraft and the eccentricity of contemporary accessories.

In 2007, before the diploma at the “Accademia di Costume e di Moda” in Rome, this young designer created her first clohing line for Alberto Biani. Few years later, after great experiences in the design team for the first clothing line of Costume National and two years and half in woman accessories for Versace second line, she launched her own accessories brand which aimed at finding new shapes thanks to the research and the experimentation of new materials and colors.

The PE2015 collection shows a range of new and precious proposals, where each accessory has its own story and reflects her personality.

ABISSI. This luxury jewellery draws its inspiration form the sea world. This evolute jewellery’s concept is characterized by scales with shimmering colors which met the vertebras sinuously. Detailed jewellery with natural pearls which is able to hypnotize us as the mermaids’ singing does. 

MINI CAPSULE – TROPICAL SKY. From the deepness of the sea to the infinity of the sky. The stylish and spherical necklace clutch of Sciumé are like amulet of fly features which crowd the sky with their royal presence. The collection includes personalized creations like shining pendants and maxi brassy jewellery-belts decorated with Swarowski studs

COME D’INCANTO. Jewellery is the only accessory that shine with its own light. As in a magic world, wonderful straw hats and plait raffia harmonize our face while bubble shock colors and crystal decorations shine our personality.

In the draws of her models, Valentina searches for elegance through creations with eccentric and colored nuances. A unique and energetic collection which is able to fascinate with its shapes and beauty.