Demos Natar and Andreas Georgiou, designers of the greek-cypriot brand Natargeorgiou, focused on the concept of fluidity for SS16 collection. They used knitted materials mixed with precious textiles, signature of the brand.

The collection, showed in Paris during the latest fashion week, is romantic but modern at the same time. Voluminous skirts, feminine culottes pants, delicate transparency, that let see a precise work of layering, are characterized by vibrant colors, from pure white, to pastels and neon shades.

Layering is always a huge element in all Natargeorgiou collections. This season is used to give a 3D effect confusing the eyes and breaking dimensions. Neon hand knitted metallic fabrics combined unexpectedly with sheer net and lace create interesting tricks of light.

A rainbow of colors links all the pieces of the collection, that is feminine and contemporary. A brand that starts from ancient hand-knitted traditions to make a timeless and modern embroidery.