If we think about the new collection of the italian duo Miryaki, we have a perfect mix of carefreeness and the clear image of Italy at the end of 50′s, in its economic boom discovering the fascination of fashion.

Miryaki has given new life to the famous icon of its collection, the dress. It is transformed into a long or short bell-bottom kafkano with an affected appeal and contrasting nuances.

The SS2015 collection is a mix of softness and strictness where geometrical micro-details and micro check and maxi coloured stripes found their place.

In this collection we can see: silk crepe de chine shirts , straight clothes, large flared skirts matched with neoprene embroidered bras, pinafores and sundress which can become cocktail and morning dresses.

Thanks to their creations we can dive in a sea of colours and sail among strong and Mediterranean shades of orange and lime and the various hues of blue.

A great experience dedicated to Made in Italy.