Milan Fashion Week is one of the most awaited event of the year and of course GJ-The Fashion Atlas couldn’t miss it.

At Palazzo Morando, we admired the collections of many young designers selected by The Vogue Talents, a great scouting project at its fifth edition, in collaboration with Vogue Italia.

Among the talents we met, many of them stood out for their vivacity and freshness.
The cuts and the colours of the Indian brand Miuniku captured our attention and invite us to admire a modern and cosmopolitan collection which reflects the personality of its creators, the sisters Tina and Nikita Sutradhar.

How was Miuniku born?
Miuniku was born thanks the fusion of Miu (Tina) and Niku ( Nikita), our nicknames. But especially thanks to our experiences in Mumbai and in London. We created the first two collections while we were studying at the London College of Fashion, where we took our degree in 2013. We took part in various contests, first of all the LVMH Young Fashion Designer Prize in 2014, where we won money for our creations.

What does your collection draw inspiration from?
Our collection draws its inspiration from birthday party decorations and from the happy atmosphere during children’s parties.

Why is your creation so unique?
The attention for details and the choice of colours are the answer. As you can see, a lot of dresses are decorated with small and coloured metallic tubes, which seems to be the sprinkles on cakes. We have also used the bright-full vinyl to reproduce the streamers. Zigzag features and colours fill our dresses.


Which colours do you prefer?
Colours which are full of energy and very bright.
For this collection we have chosen colours recreating the atmosphere of a party.