The FW 2016-17 collection by the young designer Marianna Cimini is a tribute to her native land – the Amalfi Coast, one of the most loved places in the world. Actually it is a tribute to the most contemporary aspect of that land: the white and minimal lines featuring in the Oscar Neimeyer auditorium in Ravello. It is a modern piece of art, perfectly put in harmony with the environment through the use of a simple and elegant structure.

The latest collection by Marianna Cimini is all centred on these topics: the elegance of white and black colours showed with diagonal lines which remind the geometric structure of the auditorium; soft tones like pink shades which recall stunning sunsets mirrored on glass windows.

So, the landscape of the Amalfi coast is all filtered through the glasses windows of the building, giving life to unique colours and printings.

The geometric strictness of the patterns is softened in tops and in silk dresses by soft folds which make the silhouettes very feminine.

Just like the Neimeyer Auditorium is in harmony with the shape of the Amalfi coast, the FW 2016 -17 collection too is a perfect combination of opposite elements reaching the right balance between silhouettes and colours.

Photography/Giulietta Raimondi