A year has gone since we saw for the first time clothes by Liselore Frowijn. Liselore has been among the ten finalists of the 29th edition of the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères and she won the Prix Chloé with her design for Chloé, then Liselore has finally jumped in the creation of a brand which has her own name.

Liselore Frowijn was born in Holland in 1991. Before devoting her life to the realization of a collection of her own, she has got degree at ArtEZ Arnhem in 2013, has been working as Fashion Designer for the brand Vlisco famous for its beautiful wax textiles.

Fracture Space, the SS 2015 collection by Liselore Frowijn can be described as a collection full of colors, featuring voluminous silhouettes, rich in layers. Just like several famous artists have been able to incorporate in their pieces of art different genres to create a new one, this art lover and daughter of Flemish traditions has been able to incorporate elegant and sporty style in each piece of art of hers to create avant-garde clothes.

The SS 2015 collection by Liselore Frowijn not only features folds and layers delineating silhouettes, but also hand-painted textiles. The different textiles used are able to transform each creation into a collage. Works by the Austrian Expressionist Oscar Kokoschka has been the main source of inspiration of the whole collection, indeed.

Once there were two main factions: one in love with refined and glamour style, the other one opting for casual and sporty look. Then, times and tastes have changed and Fracture Space by Liselore Frowijn was born.