Daughters of an old traditional goldsmith family, these sisters have saved the lost patrimony of their region Calabria creating Ginestrae which is the new SS15 collection of jewels.

Let’s go discovering these sisters’ original style. A style that reveals their personalities and which has brought them to get on the pages of the most famous national and international magazines.


What Trapasso is?
Trapasso is the meeting point of ancient and modern. We believe in traditions and we always look for old techniques which are lost by now; such as the old loom, the lace pillow…

How do you create a Trapasso jewel?
A Trapasso jewel is created after testing various materials and thanks to our love for nature which has brought us to use natural stones in our creations.

What do you draw your inspiration from?
We don’t have a real source of inspiration. We starts from the matter and then we create each piece.

Can you tell us something about your last collection?
Ginestrae was born because we would like to save the traditions. Our idea was to use the broom (Ginistea) in our collection because that is a typical plant of Calabria. So, we started looking for someone who could work it. It was very hard because no one is able to spin it, this is a very hard and long process.

Which are your favourite colours?
Generally we try to use colours that represent our region, our sea and plants.

Which are your favourite materials?
First of all of the stones, we love using natural materials.

You do love traditions, so in your opinion which is the object or shape that represent Italy?
Mmm.. We have never thought about it. But If we have to give you an answer, the first thing that occurs to us is our region Calabria.