How is balance created? It is the result of the meeting of opposing elements which create innovative balances. Different personalities meet creating new unique projects. Leitmotiv, an Italian brand based in Bologna, was founded by Fabio Sasso, who loves Baroque and the handmade fashion design production of Made in Italy, and Juan Caro, who finds the main themes of his creativity in Gothic and artistic research.

The union of the tastes for arts of the two emerging designers has given life to a brand of clothes and accessories which recount imaginary, surreal and avant-garde stories, by means of prints – the strong point of Leitmotiv.
Leitmotiv clothes are like mouthpieces of vitality and positive energy, the same energy Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro everyday put in their job and in their life.

Clothes as canvas on which giving life and painting fantastic worlds.

Tell us something about the SS16 collection: inspirations, colors.
“Arizona Dream”, our Spring Summer 2016 collection, is a surrealist collection in which arts and fashion go together, creating eclecticism and color explosions. The collection is composed of several kinds of garments going from sweatshirts, smocks, t-shirts and tops to dresses of different lengths and particular volumes which or shape or wrap the silhouettes. The colors go from red, yellow, orange, royal blue to green and all of them are bright colors, often matched together or in double color textiles. Woman is eclectic, radiant and young, just like women wearing Leitmotiv.

Which music have you been listening to, while creating the ss16 collection?
We don’t have any specific genre. We love including different genres while working, also according to the mood.

What does it mean for you being a young talent and what about your next steps?
For us, being a young designer today is like being in a never stopping challenge, always keeping an eye on innovations. In our young company, there is a continuous comparison between old and new fashion system and the old Italian craftsmanship seen through new eyes. We have just signed a new contract, in a short time you will hear about it. We hope it will be a great success!

Please, describe yourself by using a palette of colors.
Our favourite colors, the perfect colors to describe us is bougainvillea and royal blue.

Are there some designers you love and who inspire your work?
Designers we love are several. It would be reductive just saying some names!

If you close your eyes what’s the first object or shape you see thinking about Italy?
Green, white and red: the colors of the flag.