We are back from London where we took part in the Graduate Fashion Week, an event dedicated to young and emerging designers.

Creativity and experimentation of young students always excite us.

We saw so many collections at Graduate Fashion Week and we shared so many photos on our Instagram.
Catriona Pringle from the Demont Fort University, is one of the young fashion designers we show here, her collection really stood out during the event.

What about your collection – inspirations, materials, silhouettes?
My inspiration came from my family especially my granny and mum. My grandmother owned a sewing school and fabric shop in the 1970’s. She taught how to make clothes and some of these we have kept, these garments gave me inspiration for silhouette and I took this era as a starting point. The embroidery came from my mum’s original Bargello embroidery which I took forward and modernised with new materials.

I used a mixture of materials including leather, neoprene, cotton and acrylic yarns as well as binca and rug canvas. This type of canvas is originally used for traditional cross stitch but I have used it to make a shirt, skirt and part of a jacket.

What about your experience at GFW and what do you expect?
was a great experience and loved being apart of it. Being chosen for the final catwalk was a great honour and highly unexpected. It was really interesting speaking to the other designers and comparing our collections and how we were influenced.


Your future plans and what does it mean fashion for you?
My future plans – I want to continue on designing and experimenting with my knitwear, perhaps do an MA. Over the past three years fashion has become part of my life and I can’t see it ever going. My final year has been a huge challenge but I wouldn’t change a thing.