Continuing our journey marked by the discovery of new designers, we have now arrived in Russia – actually we are in Paris: in 2013, on August, the designer Anna Pitchouguina from Russia decided to create her brand ‘Pitchouguina‘.

After having attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland and having also spent some time working for important designers in both London and New York, Pitchouguina creates her own brand based on feelings and on the careful choice of materials and colors, getting inspired by daily life and spontaneity around us.

Each collection by the young designer is featured by these aspects but, Pitchouguina in her 2015/2016 FW collection, which denotes the artistic maturity achieved by her, has gone beyond proposing clothing made of high quality textiles from France, Portugal and Italy.

The FW2015/2016 collection just denotes her artistic growth. It is a complete collection characterized by comfortable clothing, both slacks and dresses, and by balanced combinations of colors. What has stricken us most – beside the care and the perfection of handmade details – are the several decorations representing hands, the heavy wool patchworks, the zigzag inserts and the bright colors – bright yellow and silver color – featured in the most of the creations. They could simply look like decorative elements, they are actually able to turn the whole collection cool and young, getting the youth of any woman out.

The 2015/2016 collection by Pitchouguina fully explains the philosophy of the brand and wins our love thanks to the ability of these garments to become the big stars of our days.