Shenkar 2015. Danit Peleg amaze everyone with her 3D printed clothes collection.

This collection has the appearance of a technological innovation, and breaks the boundaries of clothing.

The young Israeli fashion designer has created three-dimensional clothing. Everything started when Danit Peleg, observing the famous romantic opera the “Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacorix, wonders how a picture would look in 3D, a two-dimensional framework translated in three dimensions. So then he decides to chew on this idea and dissolve on fashion.

Not create clothes with needle and thread, but with a 3D printed. As explained Danit, the labor costs much time: the printing of each piece takes 2,000 hours: each A4 sheet of tissue is printed in 20 hours. We talk about real “topographic” clothes. Each print is then assembled to create clothes apparently normal.

The triangular compositions of each piece recall the triangular structure of Delacroix’s work.

The first piece was the jacket “Liberté”. Designed and structured with the program Blender, red jacket printed several times with different materials, all hard, no wearable: it found its realization thanks to a suitable material: the FilaFlex. More pliable, lightweight, flexible than the PLA very stiff and heavy.

The FilaFlex often took the form of lace, fabric, just like a workable real woven. This is a new way for the authoring of skirts, bra, shoes, jackets.

With the help of the teams Tech Factory Plus and XL, Danit Peleg, specializing in three-dimensional printing, achieved in just a year his collection which has 5 models.

Garments that show the intimate, as they did Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino, from the fabric soft, light, technology, printed. Fresh colors, the futuristic shapes and clean lines.

Danit has created a fashion that can be produced at home, so cheap and innovative. A technological fashion that you can print.

A trend that is cut and tasted in all its sizes. A fashion for everyone.

Perhaps one day we will print our clothes and who knows we will create and become great designers.