August has come and a lot of people – like us – are at home struggling against high temperature instead of being around the world or at the seaside.
But don’t worry! GJ-The Fashion Atlas is always there with you and, after having seen Dubai with Bambah and Holland with Liselore Frowijn, we are now ready to discover Paris, the romantic town, with De Gris.

Launched during the Paris Fashion Week 2013, the intrinsic factor of the French brand De Gris is the social message it spreads: respect for nature and protection of traditions. These are the main focus of all the collections by De Gris. In this way Justin Morin – the designer of the brand – creates a young and luxurious brand which is able to find the perfect balance between French savoir-faire and Haitian traditions and excellence of Haitian artisan work.

Collection by De Gris is eco-friendly. It is the proof that solidarity and creativity can be together in the creation of modern and luxury bags. The idea comes from a journey to Haiti: the discovery of Haitian traditions and the meeting with local artisans have made De Gris opt for handmade creations and materials like leather and horn. Timeless creations, elegance and sobriety.

But De Gris is not only fashion. De Gris is a brand very active in social life and part of its incomes are given to Haiti Futur – a non-profit organization which supports schools and artisan jobs in Haiti.

Waiting to know where our next voyage will bring us to discover young designers, we are leaving you with pictures of the new collection: luxury, eco-friendly and handmade bags. Both fashion items and ethic creations.
In a few words: De Gris!