It looks like a flowing and always floating stream. Gold ‘waves’ get in harmony with body shapes, enhancing the elegance of precious stones. ‘Stream‘, the new collection by the Brazilian designer Fernando Jorge is ready to win the SS 2016 season thanks to a jewelry collection, which is definitely unique in its genre.

All the jewels of the brand Fernando Jorge are created according to traditional techniques of his homeland and the whole production process is made in Brazil, under the supervision of the designer’s sister. The innovative aspect of Stream – and of all the collections of the brand – is to be found in the combination of materials chosen and in the innovative approach of Fernando. His approach has matured during his frequent periods of time spent in London and during the master in Jewel design at St. Martins College of Art and Design of London.

As the dialectical method recognizes any shape created through movement, ‘Stream’ by Fernando Jorge follows unexpected turns of liquid flowing. ‘Stream’ combines metals and precious stones – all of them are from Brazil – creating jewels denoting both the Carioca tradition and the innovation of the modern design. On the wave of his ‘caliente’ Brazil, Fernando Jorge has reated for the SS 2016 season, a collection rich in sensuality.

But what is behind creations by Fernando Jorge? Behind any collection there is a story. It is a story made of colors, which main characters are tones and shades of the several precious stones used. One story goes pink, one goes white .. but that’s not all. Behind any collection there is much more, indeed. Collections by Fernando Jorge show his artistic growth and evolution. It is easy to see in ‘Electric’: jewels first made in topaz and then reinterpreted and decorated with ruby. It can also be seen in ‘Stream’: the unusual shapes of jewels are in harmony with the elegance of colors and materials, creating original and unique earrings and bracelets.