We got to know Australian fashion designer Rebecca Deasy during the Australian Fashion Week last spring, when she presented her Resort collection 2018 remarkable for the clean shapes and sober chromatic choices.

Recently graduated in Design at Raffles College in Sidney, Rebecca is currently working in a production agency and, at the same time, she’s carrying on her fashion design project.

OCCUPANTS is a side venture without a specific agenda except to communicate with others what I fail to with words. It is also the purpose of the collection: to speak to people without shouting. OCCUPANTS is the noun of occupy. I liked the idea of directly addressing the people who may wear (occupy) these clothes.

What inspires you?
Anything and everything from an artist I have researched to a sermon at church and even a witty slogan t-shirt someone may be wearing as I walk pass them. I had been fishing a lot leading up to the creation of this collection so you can see that many of the silhouettes and prints are inspired from that.

Three adjectives to describe your design?
Qualitative, non-formulaic and breezy.

Three adjectives to describe your country?
Innovative, functional and no-fuss.

What kind of music were you listening to during your latest project?
Hip hop is great to ease you into late nights of sewing: The Pharcyde, Jeru the Damaja, Outkast etc.

Artists, fashion designers you love and who inspire you?
Artist Ian Hamilton Finlay and his works inspired me for this particular collection. He worked with installations and poetry to name a few mediums. Martin Margiela, Sacai, Ann Sofie Madsen and Omondi are amazing designers.


At this point I ask her what are her favorite colours. She suggests thinking about any colours and imagining them under the shade of a tree. She does not like so much colour but she prefers tones leaning towards the greyer side.
That’s in line with her collection and underlines how effectively her clothes talk about her.

One famous person you would love to dress and which kind of dress would you imagine for him/her?
I feel like Jared Leto could pull off the elastic trousers!

What were you doing before answering these questions?
Having tea & biscuits on a wild Tuesday night!

Close your eyes: imagine a shape / object to describe your Country.
Lovely corrugated iron.

What do you love most about your job?
I like that I can be vulnerable by way of presenting my thoughts, research, ideas, etc through a body of work and not knowing what the outcome of it will be. In working at a production agency, I love being able to see everyone else’s creativity and collaborations and learning from it.


Regarding her future in fashion industry, she wants to experience new forms and shapes, focusing on the idea of ​​”attention to detail”, really exaggerate and emphasise it!
I do not know Rebecca personally, except through her clothes and this interview, but I can understand her: a young and kind person with a great soul, seeking a way to show it without making too much noise.

Photo Credits //  Leif Prenzlau