Let’s discover a new AltaRoma. For the edition of July 2015, Rome Fashion Week held in the “Palazzo delle Esposizioni”.

It changes location but the concept is always the same. Young talents are the main focus, protagonists of a new format 5+5 and of the famous contest “Who is On Next?”. We have chosen 8 of those designers and we must keep an eye on them.

Carlo Volpi is the protagonist of the knitwear. He loves playing with textiles creating tridimensional and colorful knitwear.

His clothes can’t be unnoticed in fact they remind us of the gothic windows. A twine of colored wires in a continuous movement.

Les Petits Joueurs by Maria Sole Cecchi, Amy Winehouse sang “Love is a losing game”.

Maybe this is the perfect soundtrack for Les petits Jouers collection. Maria Sole Cecchi plays with lego bricks to decorate clutch and hand bags with a basic design. Winking smileys and the word LOVE, the result is pure irony.

Matteo Lamandini at first sight, his collection can be called new-vintage. But if we have a look at his work, it is a deep revisitation of a classic menswear.

His clothes can fit a masculine and a feminine silhouette thanks to various volumes and lengths. Must have: jackets and kilt with macro-squares, colored surfaces and cotton bouclé.

Martine Rose is a fashion designer from London, she draws her inspiration from the concept of the gender bender. Martine Rose deletes the boundaries between menswear and womenswear. A selection of clothes inspired by the young underground culture.

Unconventional elements such as combat boots with pink laces and camouflage bomber jackets enriched with patchwork prints like the fliers from the 90s.

Flowers with swarovski pistils, red lips and spotted ribbons have a common denominator that is Giannico‘s shoes – pointed shoes.

For his collection, Nicolò Beretta – winner for the section Wion accessories 2015 – has used exotic landscapes and vintage patterns of pin-up’s beachwear.

L72  redoubles. The designer Lee Wood, who was one of the finalists at the Wion contest, showed his menswear collection at Pitti in Florence and his womenswear collection at Altaroma, winning the top step of the podium.

Man and woman have several common elements; classic shapes with contaminations from the athletic world. White leather and neoprene in contrast with primary colors. A touch of glam thanks to paillettes which create a kaleidoscopic effect.

How to wear a blazer. That’s the idea of Corrada Rodriguez D’Arci, Delfina Pinardi and Sole Torlonia of Blazè brand. Women steal from men’s closet their jacket and give new life to it.

Postcards with summer landscapes are the background of the P/E 2016 collection. White of the sails, blu navy and sand are the perfect colors. The waist is tighten by a belt which gives us the idea of a boat’s ropes and the buttons are like brass boat windows.

Desperate Housewives 2.0 be careful, Luca Sciascia is here. For the SS2015 collection nothing is as it seems. This designer from Turin starts his journey from the ’50s, revisiting volumes and shapes.

Floral prints remind us of the patterns of kitchen aprons, all the accessories seem to be fried eggs and the pastel colors melt with black and fluo. In a few words: sense of humor.