AltaRoma sheds its skin during its coldest edition. Frescos of Borgo Santo spirito are far away. Now there is the temporary frame tent, put close to the auditorium and the profane walls of the MAXXI contemporary gallery, to screen out the Rome Fashion Week. The cover is maybe different, but the content has not changed at all. For 2015 Winter , AltaROma promotes once again innovative collections by both young designers and graduands from Fashion Accademies.

The young talents from the Accademia di Costume e Moda have left their mark. It is a strong mark, which drafts the silhouette of the new man
Now man leaves from formal to go beyond streetwear and sportswear, so as to demolish all genre barriers.

Nicolas Martin Garcia

It can be seen in “Lolito “ collection which leads Nicolas Martin Garcia to win the 2015 Talent Award. A baby in adults’ shoes and vice-versa: Neoprene and rubberized cloth remind us of the texture of marshmallows;cotton-candy colors – white, pink, light blue – smear on both full wool of coats and cloth doubled with organza for shirts.

Andrea Alfidi

On the other hand, the protagonist of “TEKNO_VINTAGE” is a metropolitan immigrant. Andrea Alfidi fills abandoned urban spaces with over volumes of neoprene coats. It is The perfect balance of materials. It is like a street and vintage unconscious, obtained thanks to denim overlapped with woven wool.

Federico Bucari

White is Federico Bucari’s color. He borrows from golf for his “PAR4″ collection.Ggolf elements are all there: gym uniform, freshness of tech materials, the texture of the golf ball, and unique making. Accessories: covered by soft pony skin.

Margherita Feliciangeli

For Margherita Feliciangeli blazer is the cult garment. Classic and sartorial on one hand, transgressive on the other. Turning the blazer inside out will be enough to discover “Under the jacket” tatoo prints.

Silvia Stefanucci

Silvia Stefanucci (the winner in the accessory contest) has a punk soul. With the “Plastic N°5″ collection, she puts on the catwalks the matter of recycling.
Combinable pockets of several dimensions are moved from (high) boots to bags and backpacks, all made of both precious leather and trash bags. What a winning move!