Tradition. The word ‘Tradition’ has several undertones and is a distinction mark between the peoples but, it seems to contain the variety and the diversification of fashion. It doesn’t matter if we are in Asia, USA, or Africa; what young designers are now looking for is the return to the origins rediscovering old techniques and traditions of their lands.

The designer Susana Traça too wants to add something from her home soil – Angola – to the wide fashion Atlas. For her SS 2016 collection, she suggests a shoe collection characterized by both African and urban traits: raffia, bright colours, wedge heels and ‘virgule’ heels, hippy and funny details. They are the main characters of African Mask. Step after step, the shoe designer Susana Traça takes us into a world fulfilled with African symbols and traditions and in which jungle elements are mixed with Masai colourful prints.

African Mask is focused on the designer’s Angolan background, but we are not dealing with just an African collection. Tribal elements are ‘contaminated’ with Susana Traça’s gypsy philosophy, giving life to creations with high impact, created for cosmopolitan, modern and sophisticated women.

Susana Traça, together with several other African designers, is the symbol of African full-scale revolution and of Africa as the Country getting more and more importance on European catwalks. They are also the symbol of the ‘made in Africa fashion’ which is making more and more young talents go to Europe to find their way in fashion system. Susana Traça arrived in Portugal when she was 14 years old and became a model just when her school education was over. After having modelled for some of the most famous European catwalks, she got to the big change: from model to shoe designer and creator of the brand ‘Susana Traça’.

She is a both modern and ‘traditional’ designer. A coloured and vivid shoe collection able to call to mind the essence of Africa. In only two words:African mask.