VOJD Studiosa design company for 3D printed luxury jewels– and the Swiss fashion house Akris have put their strength and creativity together to create an innovative and literally precious project which was disclosed during the latest Paris Fashion Week. The Spring 2016 ‘Ready to Wear’ collection by Akris is a collection of 3D printed rings, which draw inspiration from architecture.

Made in silver and polyamide, produced by using the 3D SLS printing technology, these 3D printed rings are rich in details. They are inspired by the Naoshima Pavilion, the magnificent polyhedral structure by Sou Fujimoto disclosed last year in Japan.

The perfect combination of fashion, architecture, geometry with high precision 3D printing technology has given life to these trend-setting rings. It is an avant-garde project, which main feature is the attention by VoJd ans Akris for both aesthetic aspect and high quality craftsmanship.

The cooperation with VOJD Studios has made Kriemler project the 3D model for a ring inspired by the Fujimoto Naoshima Pavilion: a geometrical installation, with a structure based on a prism and made of stainless steel white stitch.

Kilmer has made the design of the ring in harmony with VOJD’s competencies, so that the ring could be created using the 3D printing technology with the selective precision given by the laser sintering technology.

‘This is the first time that we use the 3D printing technology to create some high level prêt-à-porter fashion items but maybe it will not be the last one’ the Swiss maison has revealed. The 3D printing technology gives to designers the opportunity to develop customized product lines, making them unique pieces, but keeping low prices and fast delivery.

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