2015 is the year of denim with all its possible matches. This consecration of the denim has fortified the idea of “blu de Gênes” as a strong fashion product.
This textile is adapted to many contexts and the aim is to try the most unusual way to wear it. From casual and dynamic jumpsuits to elegant and informal suit jackets. In each fibers of denim we can find cultural and stylistic aspects, from the nostalgic and psychedelic 70’s to the pop and “gummy” 90’s.

Anyway these characteristics of denim are often mixed together. Fashion designer’s tendency is aimed at finding that aesthetic match.
From one hand, they show us a denim which wants to remind us of the freedom of Woodstock without an exaggerated bohemian interpretation of the hippie movement. Therefore, denim is the symbol of an aesthetic morality for those people who are able to look at the past with a peculiar and valued awareness. On the other hand, denim becomes fresh, ironic and dynamic as symbol of the youth in the 90’s. It aims to extrapolate the regenerative function from those two historical periods giving to the denim a noble task; coexisting with several trends in the future attire.

denim patchwork

Marques’Almeida SS15 // source: style.com

Junya Watanabe