Against the strain of modern life, which often forces us to assume uncomfortable and very unhealthy for our backs positions – for example, when we are sitting at the desk and type on the computer – fashion and the clothing line Posture of the brilliant Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiligers intervene.
Strange, but true. Because Heiligers’ clothes are precisely designed to correct the wearer’s posture, through some sort of punishment / reward mechanism. When the wearer assumes an unhealthy posture the clothes’ seams reset uncomfortably, coming back to the natural point when the posture is ideal again and therefore healthy. At least for now the clothing line Posture is exclusively male and is composed of cotton shirts, cardigans and wool sweaters. Also, minimal triumphs regards the colors. Jeffrey Heiligers headed towards simplicity, choosing white, gray and navy blue for the line Posture.

During the creative process, Jeffrey Heiligers has been helped by a physical therapist, identifying the positions that cause problems and pain in the neck, back and shoulder.
“The clothes of the line Posture” says Heilingers in an interview released on the website “become uncomfortable when those who wear them, for example, go down with their shoulders. I wish that in the future fashion was inspired by the models I created. The line Posture helps to prevent back’s problems and the more you use it, the less you need it. ”
“I consider my line very simple and clean. Colors and materials are the result of very personal choices, “Heiligers added ” Posture was necessary, given the problems of the working life in many places nowadays. With so many hours spent on the personal computer it is unfortunately natural that many end up taking a wrong position”.