Every year, colors lovers await the December arrival of Pantone‘s prediction for which color will be the color for the year ahead.

The color specialists at Pantone, a subsidiary of color-science group X-Rite Inc., have announced that “marsala“, a reddish brown, will be the color of the year in 2015.

So, bright colors may soon be over, because it’s time for neutrals shades with ’70s taste.

Marsala has already appeared on the runways of “directional” labels, including Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton, and Raf Simons.

It’s not quite the burgundy of the 90s, or 1970s brown, but an updated neutral that will translate well to interiors and decor.

Here’s what Pantone has to say about the color:

Sensual and bold, delicious Marsala is a daringly inviting tone that nurtures; exuding confidence and stability while feeding the body, mind and soul. Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this robust shade incorporates the warmth and richness of a tastefully fulfilling meal, while its grounding red-brown roots point to a sophisticated, natural earthiness.

What’s your opinion about it?

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