Straight from New York Fashion Week, here it is a brand which is as simply avant-garde as Picasso is simply an innovator. Chromat – this is the name – proposes Momentum for SS 2016: at the very least a technological collection. What you dress is pure technology! Clothes present some out of the ordinary features: they are able to adjust to our body, and to the surroundings too. The sportswear collection has also the task to be able to improve our body, making it stronger and faster. What can we say, any woman’s ideal dress!

It’s long time dresses are not anymore simply garments and now Chromat, drawing inspiration from the concept of Biomimetic, has been able to create “interactive” clothes, thanks to the cooperation with designers of Intel Innovation: by the use of a mini electronic brain, clothes are able to receive and elaborate information through sensors, making the dress able to adjust to any situation.

But Chromat is not just technology! The creative mind of the brand, the designer Becca McCharen, has also drawn inspiration from skyscrapers in the creation of Momentum. Using her Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Becca has created clothes which, just like buildings, are able to get adjusted to surroundings.

From the items of the collections, Andrenaline Dress stands out: a dress made of 3D carbon fiber panels, able to look like bat wings whenever andrenaline of who wears the cloth has skyrocketed.

The brand, created 15 years ago by the creative designer Becca McCharen, proposes also lingerie and swimsuit collections. On the sunny Miami Beach catwalks, Becca has launched the new swimwear SS 2016 collection, a celebration of the #ChromatBABE spirit.

Waiting for the next innovative collection, we are now leaving you with some pics of Momentum.

See you soon!

photos and video: chromat