Milan. The Milan Fashion Week just ended and among other brands that affected us there is .bijouets, an Italian design brand and a pioneer in the creation of exclusive products through Professional 3D Printing.

Considered by experts a mouthpiece for a “soft revolution”, from 2013 Bijouets offers small collections of handmade jewelry and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and sunglasses. These digital sculptures are born from the creative mind of a large group of designers and then come to life thanks to the technology of 3D printing.

For the presentation of the SS16, designers Monica Castiglioni, Filippo Mambretti and Maria Jennifer Carew have made for .bijouets collections able to reflect on the philosophy of the brand and, like a clock pendulum, to swing back and forth between classic and modern.
The SS 2016 collections offer a mix of originality and contrasts through an innovative language and surprising forms.

Monica Castiglioni is the real star of the next SS16.
The Italian designer has created for .bijouets four collections of jewelry, all made in polyamide synthesized. “Superleggera” and “double Superleggera” are united by the versatility and modularity of jewelry, suitable for every occasion and able to accommodate the creativity of everyone.

“Filifusi” and “Foglie”, instead, both arise from the direct experience of the designer in the creation of bronze jewelery and goldsmith art. The first models are in wax and then Monica herself shapes by hand until they join wrapped around each other. It’s the second match between technological innovation and finishing crafts.

Ray collection made by Filippo Mambretti for Bijouets is characterized by fluid and geometrical shapes.

The collection has a strong appeal to the arts and decorative geometry of Art Deco and American origami artist Serb Uros Mihic.

Tape is the new jewelry collection created by the designer Maria Jennnifer Carewwho prefers soft and elastic forms, originated from the angularity of geometric design.

The collection is made by a ring and a bracelet. A ribbon that wraps up the hand or the arm. It is interesting to mix more pieces with different colors together.

Among the accessories shown by Bijouets we loved the sunglasses made by designers from D’Arc Studio.

Cambiami is a single pair of sunglasses designed to be customized with interchangeable accessories in order to have a different look every day as a result of 3D printing technology.

It is possible to choose among geometrical accessories or floreal ones to complete the round-shaped sunglasses.