Creating artificial objects that look like something that would have naturally grown in the wild is not the easiest of tasks, not even for the most skilled artist. The way a flower blooms, for example, is not actually measurable or predictable and it often depends on conditioning elements that are entirely outside the flower itself as the wind, the orientation of the sun, gravity and available sources of nutritive substances.  When the man attempts to replicate nature eventually he’s going to make a copy of what nature has already made. Computers can do a good job of replicating nature when they’re provided with algorithms and proper programming codes.

Nervous System, the famous American studio specialized in self generative design methods, creates unique and striking objects with complex and unconventional geometric shapes using a combination of algorithmic and physical tools. Its latest generative design system is called Floraform, a software that simulates the biomechanics of nature that produces objects that resemble the growth of leaves or blooming flowers.

The innovative software takes advantage of the natural development and evolution process of surfaces created by organic differential growth. Nervous System realized this project being inspired by the beautiful works created by nature, such as the Celosia Cristata, a flower so special to be considered by many botanists a separate species.

The result? A jewelry line that rise or “grows” using an algorithm that simulates the natural growth”

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