“We were four friends in a cocktail bar…”. More or less this article could start like this.

Luca Florio is behind the bar, Antonio Carta in the kitchen, Felicia Iannone at the camera and me … I try to catch all the sensations and the details to share them with you.

We are guests at L’Altro Lato in Salerno, a cocktail bar that is a passage for sensational travels and sensory experience.

This story began by chance when, during a kite surfing lesson on the beach, I met Luca Florio, bartender and mixology expert, who had just come back from London, who intrigued me for his particular job and with whom I share the same evoked reaction from people when I tell them what I do: total darkness!

Sharing a passion for beauty, curiosity, traveling, the unusual flavors, colors, I ask him to create cocktails that can recall the colors and the patterns of summer and so we get to the point of being four friends at the bar that at the end of this article might be a bit tipsy.

Luca with his practiced movements, repeated countless times, charms us with his stories related to the cocktails he’s creating for us.

An obsessive attention to details enhances the cocktail and makes it a unique experience: the glasses, preferably taken in a vintage market, the particularly “carved” ice pieces and the dishes prepared by Antonio complete the tasting.

Surrounded by strange forms of glasses or porcelain cups, cruets, spices and liqueurs, Luca and Antonio make us travel around the world and through time, and for a moment we feel like we’re sitting in a pub in 1930 in India with Hemingway as drinking buddy and with the feeling of doing something “illegal”, as during prohibition.

Many different flavors and spices are blended to create an unexpected mix that recall memories of seen or dreamed places.

From cocktails created as a Plan B for a competition to the revival of spicy and elegant Bloody Mary cup accompanied by plain yogurt, to the scenic fumé Elixir of Long Life, what impressed us, beside discovering new sophisticated tastes, are the magnificent colors and textures of great inspiration.

We invite you to discover them here, where we also introduce you to the colorful palette inspired by Luca Florio’s cocktail.

To taste them – responsibly! – Go visit him, equipped with curiosity and desire to discover unexpected flavors.


Think Eat Drink @ L’altro Lato – Salerno
Photo: Felicia Maria Iannone