Cynthia&Xiao is a womenswear brand launched by Chinese designers Cynthia Mak and Xiao Xiao in 2014.

The influences come from the background of the two designers; Cynthia Max  is focusing on Fashion and Graphic Design and Xiao Xiao is focusing on knitwear.

After graduated at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, the two designers decided to come back to China to start their collaboration, using the knowledges acquired in Europe.

So, they founded their polished brand, which season after season creates a perfect mix of research and craftsmanship.

For the Fall-Winter 2017 collection the two designers draw inspiration from two very heartfelt symbols, the rabbit and the tiger.

In addition to being the designers signs, in the Chinese zodiac, the Rabbit God Tu’er Yve comes from the moon and protect people from diseases; while the Tiger, which is a symbol of strength, protect children from disasters and pushes away pains.

The collection is a jubilation of craftsmanship and of clothes hand-woven.
They seems to be “pieces of art-à-porter”, but the knitwear and design ability of the designers is that the clothes are really comfy.

The silhouette is over, and it creates a red thread running through the collection: the traditional Chinese tunic becomes contemporary and assumes different shapes.

So, wide military-inspired coats, mini skirts and voluminous sweatshirts and sweaters or tunic-inspired dresses mixed with skinny trousers, which end with knitted fringes.

Colors palette is modern and refined and highlights the beauty of the designers of the tigers, rabbits, waves and clouds. From navy blue, which is the basic color of the collection, to lemon yellow, or from white and black to lacquered red, or from orange to pearl grey.

Contrasts are one of the most interesting element of the collection, such as the softness of the knitwear and the stiffness of the denim, which creates the defined volumes of the skirts and coats.

Knitwear, evanescent prints, knitted fringes and patchworks creates a story that, starting from the past, points straight to the future.