Continuing our journey in fashion world, The Fashion Atlas will bring you in a very special place as for Made in Italy jewellery!

Today we are getting to Valenza – the homeland of Italian jewellery– to gain more detailed knowledge of the designer Ilenia Corti and of her own brand Vernissage.

What does Vernissage represents? And what’s behind its fame?
We have just asked these questions to Ilenia Corti, both daughter of Valenza master goldsmiths and creative mind behind the jewellery brand Vernissage.

How did Vernissage come out?
Vernissage came out in 2010 while I was working as accessory designer for other brands, such as Emilio Pucci, Moschino and Dolce&Gabbana: I decided to start a non-institutional jewel collection in the family workshop in Valenza. We can say that Vernissage comes out from the tension between the world of adults and the world of children, between vitality or light heartedness and pragmatism.

What do you draw your inspiration from?
I always draw inspiration from nature. I try to put in evidence some of its hidden aspects, the ones which are hard to see for us or which we don’t want to see. Collection after collection, nature is the main character.
Can we speak about continuity dealing with your collections or each collection of yours is independent?
Each collection is like a chapter of a book in which a story is told. There have been moths in Imperial Moth then, in 2015, poisonous frogs featuring acid colours in Lysergic, now we have still life in Still-life. All of them share one aspect: jewels made in silver, brass, rich in precious stones and some hand drawn micro-elements.

Please, tell us something about the SS 2016 collection. Where did it come out from? What’s the source of inspiration?
Still-life represents a microcosm populated by animals and rich in colours – a blue rabbit, the impressive hornet – and draws inspiration from the Flemish painter Adriaen Van Utrecht. A unique, rich in details and non-conventional collection, able to show a grim vision of nature while using a kaleidoscope of both bright and soft colours. It is a miniature and coloured world.

These jewels are definitely rich in details.
Exactly. My aim is to underline the craftsmanship which is behind each item. Jewels are handmade by Valenza master goldsmiths , in the full respect of the tradition of high jewellery. It is no coincidence that the collection which best represents Vernissage is Imperial Moth. A collection rich in details, in which the industrious activity made by moths’ antennas are compared to the activity made by goldsmiths’ hands.

In conclusion, how would you describe Vernissage jewels?
Both unique and reproducible items, but one item will never be identical to the other one, just like it happens in nature.