Sandra Zhao and Ashleigh Gersh Miller are two girls from New York who live in Nairobi, Kenya.
They met at a wedding during which Sandra Zhao wore a tunic-inspired dress that Ashleigh Gersh Miller loved at first sight.

So, they launched their brand Zuri, that in Swahili means  “good”.

One dress, with a large and comfortable silhouette, like a tunic, mixed with thousands of African patterns, which are colorful, geometrical, abstracted.
A simple combination that everyone could customize and wear in different occasions.

Strongly convinced that a sustainable economy is made of companies that work ethically, the designers are working ethically with their brand Zuri, “paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that our customers truly love” as they said.



Tell us about your brand and its history.
We started last year in Nairobi. We were inspired by the beautiful textiles we were seeing in markets and on the streets and wanted to create stylish, comfortable, versatile clothing that looks great on everyone.

What about Zuri collections – concept, colors, textiles?
We gravitate towards prints that have strong, bold colors and a sense of humor.

Colors you love?
It really depends, but it’s all about mixing and matching.

What about patterns you choose?
We like patterns that make us smile.

In your opinion, which are the characteristics that fashion should have to be ethical?
Fair and equal treatment and opportunity in all steps of the production and supply chain.

3 adjectives that describe your brand?
Bold, versatile, strong.

What kind of music did you listen during your latest collection?
A little bit of everything — Nina Simone, Kenyan pop and hip hop, Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Imagine a famous person – politician, actress, singer – you would like to see with one of your creations?
Michelle Obama.

3 adjective to describe NY?
Nonstop, inspiring, diverse.

3 adjective to describe Nairobi?
Lush, chaotic, hustling.

Close your eyes, imagine a shape or object to describe Kenya.
A tangle of greenery.