Marianna Cimini brand was born in 2012 as a mix of curiosity, a pinch of folly and being willing to take a risk. The watchwords are Mediterranean, minimalism and chic sportswear. We have met the fashion designer Marianna Cimini, for whom we have projected an editorial by Simone Battistoni.

What has inspired your last collection?
I-Dandy “ Woman is the opposite of the dandy”. (Charles Baudelaire). The cult of beauty and the perfection, “ making life beautiful”, all those things make the dandy the opposite of simplicity. “Woman is natural therefore abominable”. This is the challenge which has given me the idea to create my AW 2015-16 collection. I have analyzed, researched the best of the dandism aesthetic adding the simplicity and the spontaneity of the feminine universe. That’s the premise of my collection. Textiles are typically masculine: coats, wooly cashmere pockets, tweeds, all those elements lose their rigour in favor of soft and deconstructed shapes. Dresses with essential shapes but rich in details, japanese microfiber, laminate and silk jersey are the meeting point between the dandy and the woman. Various colours: baby blue, medium greys, anthracite, dark green with a touch of silver.

Any designers you love and inspire your creations?
I don’t follow any brands in particular but I believe in love at first sight and I leave that every season gives me something.

What kind of music do you like listening to when you work?
About music, I’m absolutely schizophrenic! I listen to various kind of music, I do love movies soundtracks. For this last collection I have discovered “Big Dreams” of David was love at first listen.

Is there a person that you would like to see with one of your dresses/creations?
I have had the honour to see one of my dress worn by Marion Cotillard, an actress that I love and appreciate, it was during the last Cannes festival.

An object/shape that gives you the idea of Italy?
The callous and wise hands of the artisans I work with for creating a 100% Made in Italy product.

Which are the colours in your chromatic palette?
Choosing colours is very hard for me. It’s an impulsive choice, sometimes I’m sure and determinated but many other times I change my mind during the process of creation.

Which colours do you associate to Italy?
Italy is wonderful and so miscellaneous therefore it’s impossible to choose few colors. Maybe all the colors and their nuances.

Let’s talk about textiles, texture and patterns.Which are your favourite?
A good start is: choose textiles, select high quality materials and create a first collection’s structure. I do love natural and noble fibers, for example, cotton and silk for summer, wool, mohair and cashmere for winter. I don’t like too much prints (I think prints has been used for a long time during the last seasons) when it seems that those are used without being part of a stylistic story.

Which are the textiles, the textures and the patterns that make you think about Italy?
In Italy we have gorgeous products from wools to silks, from hand embroideries to sophisticated technologies. “Made in Italy” is the essence of our distinctiveness and it’s a conscious research. So why should we choose?


photography: Simone Battistoni
clothes: Marianna Cimini
models : Anastasia Gorodilova // Fashion Models Milano 
styling: Marianna Cimini

Translated by Elisa Pagliaro