In/di/visible/s is a The Fashion Atlas exclusive fashion editorial by photographer Taner Tumkaya.

deconstructs the components of Prada SS 16 and interprets them as a live installation of multiple layers.

The production team itself acts as the models, an idea which tends to break the fourth wall of the staging as the perspective deliberately shifts from casual, to documentary and to abstract at times, creating a passage through time and diverse styles.

The post-production was kept at a minimum level to retain the grounded/non-fantastical aspect of the moment which in turn questions the hype of fashion image production.

This project was created as a response to a brief given by Nick Knight.

Production/Photography/ Taner Tumkaya
Wardrobe Stylist/Kate McKay
Clothing Designer/Shaila Giacconi                   

Makeup/Niehla O.
Hair/Scotty Tracy/IG: scotty_tracy
Styling Assistant/Da’von Spears

 Additional team/models:
Star/IG: staronline
Nicolas Rosario/
Dru – pink hair – IG: jdru_
Omar –blue hair

Shot 1-10. Star – Model on left: Giacconi Clothing / Shoes made on set by Shaila Giaccon // Blue Hair Model: Molly Bracken Jacket/Brokendown Clothing Cardigan/Charles Albert Necklace/Model’s own shoes // Pink Hair Model: Morris Janks top under Giacconi Clothing top / Ekaterina Kukhareva skirt/ Charles Albert Broach / Shoes made on set by Shaila Giacconi //Nico: vintage lace top under / Plastic pancho Giacconi Clothing / Molly Bracken Jacket / Ek London trousers / Charles Albert Necklace //Da’von: Morris Janks lace button down / Ekaterina Kukhareva skirt / Maison de Papillon tunic // Bracken sweater / Giacconi Clothing collar / Shoes Made on set by Shaila Giacconi.

Shot 6. Kate: WOW Couture skirt / Vintage top / Dar Sara Couture dress / Plastic crop top by Giacconi Clothing by Shaila Giacconi / Vintage earrings

Shot 7. Shaila: Vintage top and Ekaterina Kukhareva skirt / Giacconi Clothing skirt