What we’re talking about today is not a theatre work yet a fashion editorial. Actually, to be precise, Act 1 is a story that, through images, merges together the essence of a theater performance with that of a fashion tale.

You can clearly see it after few images: the light, the character, the poses and body shapes. All these elements create such a scenic aura! Peter Goldman is the eye behind this project, his images are full of inspirations coming from the theater, starting from the light that, as every photographer to be respected, he considers a fundamental element for fashion photography and that he always uses in such an intuitive and innovative manner. Another aspect he cares in his work is the character and his “acting” skills (“the better the actor the more of myself I can inject into the image” he says), he actually tends to focus mostly on the performance as well as on the look of a model, be it an emotive gaze or a particular pose, he loves to be lead by who’s in front of his camera to reach unexpected results.

Rebecca, with her keen and unique charm, was a major inspiration for this project born from the very young collaboration between the photographer and the artist, designer and stylist Delcey Fleming, who, through her brave creative spirit, was able to tell a story mixing together current fashion, vintage clothes and handmade pieces.

So, what else to say?! We really enjoyed Act1, now our question is “there will be an Act2?”

Photography/Peter Goldman
Styling/Delcey Fleming
Model/Rebecca Echevarria
Clothing/Delcey Fleming